Cancel flight: How to get the costs back

Cancel flight: How to get the costs back News always well informed


Tuesday, 05.08.14, written by Juliane Wellisch

The flight has been booked for months, but then something comes up. When they cancel their flight, consumers often only get reimbursed the cost, if that is the case. Wrongly. In some cases, customers are even entitled to a full refund of the fare.



Kunden haben bei Stornierung des Fluges oft hohe Ansprüche
Cancellation of the flight: Many providers refuse the reimbursement

There are many reasons for canceling a flight. Thus vacation vacations often have to be called off due to illness . Sometimes you have to do without a short-term vacation, because you are urgently needed for work. Serious causes such as bereavement in the family or an insecure security situation on the ground also lead to flight cancellations.

In particular, if the flight costs several hundred euros, a cancellation is doubly annoying. Because many airlines reimburse only a small part of the fare even with good reasons. In doing so, customers often have to pay the majority of the costs when canceling a flight.

Refunds in case of cancellation: Up to 100 percent of the fare back

If you cancel a flight, you do not have to give any specific reasons. Because when a flight is booked, a contract of service is created between the airline and the customer. This contract may be terminated at any time prior to commencement of the flight, as required by section 649 of the Civil Code. How high the rightful reimbursement of costs then depends, depends on whether the provider can reclaim the vacated space in the machine , or how the terms of the contract are designed .

One thing is for sure: Even if the seat in the plane is not booked by someone else, the airline incurs less costs due to the saved kerosene and possibly food and drinks. At least this savings must be refunded to the customer in case of cancellation . On the other hand, if the company is able to sell the space to another customer at the same price, the entire fare must be reimbursed.

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Flight cancellation: Accurate billing is often not performed

Even if the place is not further brokered, the customer is often entitled to almost the entire flight costs. In the event of a cancellation, the airline would have to break down exactly what savings were made by the termination, or what costs were incurred despite the unoccupied space. However, this billing is complicated and hardly a provider does the work. Therefore, usually the so-called 95 percent rule comes into play: 95 percent of the travel price go back to the customer, 5 percent can keep the airline to cover their costs. If the airline refuses to pay, the road to becoming a lawyer may be worth it.

Cancellation clauses are often not valid

Many airlines try to avoid the high cancellation costs with a reimbursement ban. However, as the journal Finanztest reports, these clauses are very often invalid. Thus, such clauses can only apply if customers are clearly informed when booking and this is also fair.

Especially with mediated via online portals flights this is often not the case . Often, it is pointed out that there is a ban on reimbursement in the clauses. However, if there is no direct link to the corresponding conditional work, or this is only available in another language, then the regulations are inadmissible . In other words, in case of doubt, the customer will be refunded the entire flight costs in case of cancellation.

Service: Many airlines reject the reimbursement in case of cancellation. With a good legal protection insurance you need not worry. The insurance pays legal and legal fees if the case ends up in court.

These costs will be returned in any case

While pure airfare may not need to be fully reimbursed, this will be different with applicable taxes and fees . This must be refunded to you in full by the airline when canceling your flight tickets . Incidentally, it generally applies that the customer can claim back the costs up to three years after the booked flight date.

Some airlines have shorter deadlines. Sometimes customers even have only one month left. Almost always a cancellation or processing fee is due. How high this is depends on the airline and the tariff booked.



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